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What is Chevrolet MyLink®?

MyLink® is a revolutionary connectivity platform, which allows you to access your world through a 7” high-resolution touchscreen, play songs from your smartphone, listen to Internet radio via Stitcher® App and connect to your pone hands-free or via Bluetooth®.

There are different versions of MyLink® with technology and design specially created for you, with intuitive and easy to use controls. All audio functions can be controlled from the screen, from the radio or from the controls integrated on the steering wheel.

Mylink Bluetooth

Mylink Steering Wheel Controls

Stay connected!

MyLink® has several advantages for smartphone users and is very easy to use. It includes large icons on the touchscreen for each of its functions. It also has radio control buttons and controls integrated on the steering wheel, like the “Press to talk” button, which recognizes voice commands. Through simple commands you may listen to Internet radio via Stitcher® App and connect to your pone hands-free or via Bluetooth®.




Mylink Infotainment

Photos and Videos

Store your photos and videos on a USB to view them in your Chevrolet whenever you make a stop.

Smarthpone Link

When you connect your smartphone with MyLink®, you will have access to applications that are permitted for use with the system. Currently, MyLink® allows the use of Stitcher® app, however, the system is designed to allow application updates as they become available.

Mylink Radio Technology


You will have control over all available audio functions such as: Internet radio, USB, auxiliary Jack and music via Bluetooth®.

Organize and gather song and album information through Gracenote®, which displays information about what you’re listening to on the touchscreen.


Mylink Infotainment Connects to Smartphone


You can operate and control different audio and phone devices via Bluetooth®. This version of MyLink® is designed to allow the use of up to four simultaneous devices.

If MyLink® does not connect to an available system, you will receive instructions on how to synchronize it.


Device pairing and phone calls using MyLink®

Synchronize your phone with your vehicle via Bluetooth® in a few simple steps, so you can view your contact list and make calls, either from the touchscreen or by voice commands that can be activated from the steering wheel controls. Finish your calls by simply saying goodbye!

MyLink® Voice Commands

Learn how to activate and pair your phone to make and end calls. You can also play CDs and Bluetooth®, tune in to your favorite radio station and reach guidance, all without taking your hands off the wheel.


MyLink® Navegation

Find the easiest and safest way to your destination through navigation functionality. You can add points of interest (POI) on the screen such as: restaurants, banks, etc. MyLink® Navegation System provides various routes and multiple views of maps.

Mylink GPS Navigation


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